Open Market Electricity – Q3 2023

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From 1 July to 30 September 2023, the electricity tariff (before GST) will increase by an average of 1.2% or 0.31 cents per kWh compared with the previous quarter. This is due to higher energy costs compared with the previous quarter.

For households, the electricity tariff (before GST) will increase from 27.43 to 27.74 cents per kWh from 1 July to 30 September 2023. 


RetailersWithout Contract6 Months12 Months24 MonthsGreen EnergyPromo Code
SP Group 2nd QTR29.62 c/kWh
SP Group 3rd QTR29.96 c/kWh
Geneco 2nd QTR29.30 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh
Geneco 3rd QTR29.30 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWhPOWER80 – $80

Keppel Electric 2nd QTR28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh34.98 c/kWh
Keppel Electric 3rd QTR28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh37.98 c/kWhCITI30 – $30
UOB20  – $20
Pacific Light 2nd QTR28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh29.30 c/kWh
Pacific Light 3rd QTR28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh29.30 c/kWhUOB100 – $100
DBS80 – $80
CHILL70 – $70
NTUCFAM75 – $75
Sembcorp 2nd QTR29.61 c/kWh39.33 c/kWh
Sembcorp 3rd QTR29.46 c/kWh41.34 c/kWh
Senoko 2nd QTR29.30 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh29.44 c/kWh
Senoko 3rd QTR28.98 c/kWh28.98 c/kWh29.74 c/kWhCITILUV130 – $130
HSBCLUV130 – $130
MBLUV130 – $130
UOBLUV120 – $120
TBLUV120 – $120
Sunseap 2nd QTR39.00 c/kWh
Sunseap 3rd QTR???
Tuas Power 2nd QTR29.52 c/kWh29.52 c/kWh
Tuas Power 3rd QTR29.52 c/kWh29.52 c/kWh
Union Power 2nd QTR45.00 c/kWh
Union Power 3rd QTR48.60 c/kWh


Senoko this quarter came in as the top choice to sign up with due to the generous promotion code that it is offering in partnership with the banks.

This round despite the increase in tariff, we can see that all the companies are not increasing their prices other than green plans.

SunSeap I can’t find their plan anymore and not sure if they are still offering residential and Union Power are offering rates that are chasing customers away. With that, both companies are not worth signing up for.

If you like this post and happen to sign up with Senoko, You may use my referral code NXVMTC2I for an additional $20 bill rebate credit.

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