Retain Or Upgrade Your Shangri-La Golden Circle Status With Half The Usual Requirements

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From 01 May 2020 to 31 July 2021, you will be able to earn double tier nights for any qualifying stay at any Shangri-La, Kerry, JEN, and Traders destinations worldwide.


If you are holding American Express Platinum Card, your Jade status will expire on 31 Dec 2021. If you are planning to retain your jade status for another year, now with double nights, it is good to earn some nights at a lower average price. You will need 25 nights to fast track to Diamond status.

Qualifying Nights are fully paid hotel room nights that include bookings made through the Shangri-La website, Shangri-La mobile site, Shangri-La mobile application, Participating Hotels or Golden Circle Member Services directly.


I like Shangri-la Orchard and stayed at Garden Wing and the upcoming Valley Wing. However, I am giving up my jade status when it expires at the end of 2021 although the double nights are good for earning additional stays.

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Author: Ieatandsleep

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