Great News – Hilton Honors “Tier Last Call 2023 Promotion – Fast Track“ Till March 31, 2023

Hilton Orchard

There are rumours that Hilton will have a lifeline for those who fail to requalify for their current status and are due to demote to Sliver on 1st April 2023. Yes, Hilton doesn’t provide a soft landing for those members who don’t requalify.

Hilton 1 stay page

Great news came on 1st January, members can renew their current status regardless of their tier ie; Silver, Gold, or Diamond with just 1 stay before 31st March 2023.

You can access this offer on Hilton’s website here (Diamond), here (Gold), and here (Silver).

Alternatively, you can scan the below QR code to register.

Hilton QR code

The offer was initially for residents of China but there have been reports that members of other countries have also received this offer.

Do not panic

Hilton error

From my personal experience, when I try to register for this promotion, I have a message that says I am not eligible for this promotion.

However, I am able to see the offer appear on my active offers.

Hilton active offer

How useful is Hilton’s status

Hilton’s amazing status starts from the Gold status whereby they give 2 guests complimentary breakfast while Diamond status was given guaranteed Executive lounge access and not forgetting the generous upgrade to suites in Asia.

Hilton status


This is a very generous offer by Hilton. Members just need to complete 1 stay before 31st March 2023 and they can enjoy their current status for another year.

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