S$500 Monthly Into IBKR – Feb 2022 Update


Got some spare cash on hand and toying with the idea of buying shares with the fund and seeing what is my gain or loss monthly.


I will be depositing S$500 monthly and maybe more when I got more cash available on hand.

Will it be better than keeping it into SSB or savings account?

I shall use the funds once it is available in my IBKR account and not wait to buy. The reason being so is I am trying to avoid timing the market as much as possible, similar to DCA but will be buying multiple stocks.


The first stock that I purchased yesterday was FuboTV.

FuboTV offers subscribers a live TV streaming service with the option to purchase incremental features available for purchase that include additional content or enhanced functionality suited to their preferences. FuboTV’s base plan includes a range of mixed channels, including top 50 Nielsen-ranked networks, across sports, news, and entertainment.

TickerPurchase PriceNumber of SharesCommissionCurrent PriceVolumeMarket CapEarn per SharesPrice to EarningProfit or Loss

This stock recently drop to 52 weeks low but their revenue is quite strong and has been growing QoQ

Fubotv revenue

Their balance sheet and cash on hand is also strong

Fubotv balance sheet

There are many other points that I like but I try to keep it short if not it will become a stock review.

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